A Great Claim, An Obvious Fact


  • سید فضل الله میرقادری Professor of Arabic Language and Literature Department, Shiraz University




Hafez, The Glory Poem, Endeavor, Wise.


The poems presented by poets in each era, are generally contained in the form of poetic subjects. Glory is one of the poetic motives which has been common from the past up to the present in the Persian and Arab poems. In the contemporary period, the Glory Poem sometimes takes a new form which is presented by a specific exaggeration and on a new level so that the poem is included in the Narcissism School and the poet as a narcissist. The third verse of a poem by Hafez is not included in any poetic subjects although at first glance, it seems to be in the form of Glory Poem. In this research, after studying the Glory Poem in the poems of known poets and by considering the Glories of Hafez and those poems in contrast to Glory, we want to prove the fact that the mentioned verse by Hafez is of a different type. And this is a great claim which is manifested in the form of an obvious and glorious reality which considering its content will have great consequences.



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