The Online Learning during the Pandemic COVID- 19

Teachers’ and Students’ Assessment of Sanako Experience




COVID-19, Sanako, E-learning, Teachers' assessment, Students' assessments


With the world wide spread of COVID-19, on March 2020 universities were closed as part of the quarantine procedure. In Algeria, decision makers inquired teachers to apply e-learning using all possible ways to finish the syllabi. In the department of English, Badji Mokhtar University- Annaba- Algeria, Sanako platform was proposed as the official e-learning platform during the quarantine. In order to investigate EFL teachers’ and students’ assessment of their experience using Sanako platform as an efficient online learning/teaching platform, two questionnaires were used as research tools, the first for teachers and the second for learners. The results showed that Sanako was useful during the quarantine though both teachers and students faced certain problems.


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