Transaltion of Culturemes and its Impact on Interculturality


  • Wafa Madoui university of Algiers2- Translation Institute


Culturemes, Interculturality, Translation Strategies, Cultural Translation


In this article we will highlight the translation of "Culturemes", which is now a field of research of great importance in tarductology, especially cultural translation, as are one of the most important linguistic components expressing the socio-cultural reality of the indigenous environment in which the texts are rooted. We will also discuss the impact of the translation of these Culturemes on interculturality between peoples and civilisations. In addition to highlighting the strategies adopted by the translator in order to transfer them with all the cultural charge they convey to a new environment other than their original one, without causing the loss of their connotations or communicative function. We will approach these strategies through an applied study of a set of examples taken from Naguib Mahfouz's two novels " Midaq Alley " and " Palace Walk " and their translation into Spanish, following the analytical and descriptive method.



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