The Effect of Learning Together Model of Cooperative Learning on EFL Students Opportunities for Acquiring the Writing Skill.


  • Bouchair Yasmina Mostafa Benboulaid Batna 2 University
  • Kaouache Salah Université des Frères Mentouri, Constantine1



cooperative learning; writing skill; EFL students; learning together model.


Cooperative learning is said to be a recent teaching approach in the field of foreign languages. It is applicable and can be implemented with different measures. Thus, this study examined the effect of cooperative learning represented in the learning together model on the EFL students opportunities for aquiring the writing skill. The research methodology used in this study is the experimental study design. The researcher went through an experiment in which a pre-test / post-test were used. The participants in this study were two groups of third year students at the training school of teachers Constantine 3 University. The groups were randomly assigned; one served as the experimental group and the other served as the control group. The findings of the study reflected that EFL students are able to develop their writing skills through the integration of cooperative learning. The results showed that the experimental group performed better than the control group in the post-test assignment. Accordingly, the results of this study will serve as a foundation for further research on the effect of cooperative learning on the remaining language skills.


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