The Properties of the Lutys Language


  • راضیه جلیلی سچه گانی Master of Persian Language and Literature, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran.
  • سید محمد راستگوفر Associate Professor, Persian language and literature Department, literature and foreinger languages Faculty, University of Kashan, Kashan, Iran.



Language Properties, the Lutys, Hooligan, Idiot, Lumpen.


The Lutys and all its other branches like hooligans, idiots, lumpens, and Tolerants who have almost disappeared these days, were a social group that had considerable roles in the political, cultural, and social processes just up to some years ago. In fact, this group were a transformed model for generosity and Ayyâri; they bound to most of their customs, conventions, and traits. Gradually, this group invented their own particular customs to be distinguished from others. One of their peculiarities was a special language with specific vocabularies, expressions, and tone which was common among them. The language, to some extent, has entered to the language of the other social classes’ esp. common people by means of this group. In this research, we tried to describe this language and its properties, and compose a dictionary of its vocabularies, idioms, and expressions.



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جلیلی سچه گانی ر., & راستگوفر س. م. (2019). The Properties of the Lutys Language. LANGUAGE ART, 4(4), 95–120.

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